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Who is Nexant and how does the company work with Duquesne Light (DLC)?
Nexant, Inc. provides innovative energy efficiency solutions to utilities, energy enterprises, chemical companies, and government entities worldwide. Duquesne Light has partnered with Nexant as the Conservation Service Provider (CSP) for DLC’s WATT CHOICES Industrial Efficiency Program. This includes customers in the food processing, rubber, plastics, stone, clay, glass, fabricated metals, primary metals, chemical, and electronics industries.


Nexant works with industrial business customers interested in Duquesne Light’s WATT CHOICES Industrial Efficiency Program to make smart, energy-efficient decisions that reduce energy consumption and operating costs. The Industrial Efficiency Program offers customers no cost assessments to help identify energy-saving projects, assist with identifying financing options, estimate project costs and savings, and identify incentives available.

What is a Conservation Service Provider (CSP)?
A CSP is defined as an entity that provides information and technical assistance to enable facilities to reduce energy consumption. Duquesne Light has selected CSPs to work with specific business segments in the WATT CHOICES program.


When should I involve Nexant in the project?
Please involve Nexant in the beginning stages of your project. They can help you avoid pitfalls that might disqualify your project for rebates.
Who is eligible?
  • Duquesne Light industrial customers are eligible.
  • Customers with peak annual electric demand of 300kW or greater.
  • Your Duquesne Light Industrial Program Energy Manager can confirm your eligibility over the phone.
  • Incentives are available only while WATT CHOICES Program funds last.
  • Rebate applications are eligible within 180 days of project installation.
  • If you are receiving tax credits, state funding, or federal funding for the same project, you are still eligible to apply for the Duquesne Light rebate and/or incentive program.
What products/energy efficiency projects are eligible?
The following projects are eligible for rebates through Duquesne Light’s WATT CHOICES Industrial Efficiency Program.


  • Rebates for equipment upgrades and improvements including lighting, variable frequency drives (VFDs), heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and refrigeration. For a complete list of products, please review our rebate catalog.
  • Custom incentives are available for less common or more complex energy saving measures that meet program eligibility requirements. We recommend contacting Nexant (844-828-6394 or [email protected]) as early as possible to ensure your project meets the program requirements. Custom projects receive rebates based on the calculated energy savings of the project.
  • *Please note that all LED lighting installed after April 1, 2017 must carry the current DesignLights Consortium (DLC) certification to be eligible for rebates.
Who do I contact to participate?
Please contact Nexant at 844-828-6394 or [email protected].
Where can I get the most up to date prescriptive rebate catalog?
Click here to download.


Can I get my rebate check made out to someone else?
Yes, you can. Duquesne Light prefers that rebate checks be made payable to the name on the Duquesne Light account. However, if a Duquesne Light business customer is certain that they want their rebate paid to another party they should do the following:


Prepare a letter on their business letterhead.   Address it to:

Duquesne Light Company
Energy Efficiency Department
Mail Drop 15-3
411 Seventh Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Include the Duquesne Light account numbers where the Rebate Projects are installed.

Indicate in the letter that they understand that because of energy efficiency improvements on their premises served by Duquesne Light that they are likely eligible for a WATT CHOICES rebate of approximately $_________ and they want the rebate check not made payable to them, but instead made payable to: (name and address).

Sign and date the letter.
Give us a telephone number we may call if we have questions.
Submit the letter with the Rebate Application Form.

How frequently can I participate?
You can participate as often as you would like.
When did the program start and how long is it running?

The program opened on June 1, 2016 and is scheduled to close on May 31, 2021 or when funds are depleted.

What are the requirements for rebates?
  • The equipment must have been purchased after June 1, 2016.
  • Qualified measures must be installed at facilities served by Duquesne Light.
  • The rebate application must be submitted within 180 days of install.
  • All LED lighting projects must use product that is DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listed to the latest version.
  • WATT CHOICES Program funds must still be available.